Cleaning & Maintenance

  • High pressure water jetting – used for general cleaning, maintenance and clogs in storm and sanitary lines. Capable of removing hard scale without damaging pipes.
  • Small jetter (1 - 3” pipe)
  • Large jetter (3 - 24” pipe)
  • Storm drain cleaning and jetting (including building roof drains)
  • Pipe Cleaning (up to and over 100” pipe)
  • Hydro Excavation -water, under high pressure, is sprayed to remove debris and sediments. The slurry (watery mixture) is then vacuumed into a holding tank mounted on the truck for easy disposal.
  • Tank Cleaning

Sewage systemss have become very comlex over the years and, consequently, we now require increasingly powerful machines in order to keep them all running properly. The modern sewer system includes laterals, mains, manholes, catch basins, lift stations, and water treatment facilities all of which are critical to keeping the sewage system working.

The combination sewer cleaner is the pinnacle of sewer cleaning equipment. Utilizing a highly advanced combination of, controlled, high-pressured water and a vacuum capable of generating suctions strong enough to move 3500 cubic feet of material per minute (3500 CFM). By redirecting the flow of the water with carefully designed nozzles, the septic truck can force all the collected sludge down the pipe to a catch basin or lift station where he can then vacuum it all up into the debris body to be disposed of at a water treatment facility.

Confined Space Operations

All employees are trained and certified in confined space.Our company is fully equipped and ready at all times for confined space and confined space emergencies. All equipment is inspected regularly.
Equipment includes: tripods, wenches, rescue wenches, air monitors, breathing compressors, breathing boxes, respirators

Televising & Inspection

  • Video pipe locating and inspections
  • 3-6” pipe using push camera
  • 6-72” pipe using Crawler system

Our camera’s are 360 degree radial pan and tilt with an adjustable shutter and a zoom ability second to none. Our systems are almost endless in capabilities with its 6 wheel drive steerable crawler, various wheel combinations, back up camera and elevator lifts.

The on board Sonde allows pinpoint location of pipelines underground and marking out defects, buried manholes, laterals, offsets in mains etc. The televising equipment is normally used for inspection of sewer collection, storm water collection, water distribution pipelines, buried utility duct systems and almost any other pipeline you may have below or above ground. We have been called out for confined space areas not suitable or structurally sound for human inspection.